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Great Scott!

Hi, My name is Keaton and I’m a digital artist from Whitstable, Kent in the UK. My passion is creating 3D layered art to create a feeling of immersement and depth.

When I think of the films that have given me the most pleasure throughout my life. I think of the iconic ones - Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, to name a couple. I believe the experience of watching those films becomes part of you.

It probably helps that when you see these films,  you’re at an impressionable age but I don’t think it’s key - it can still happen to me now, every so often.

I think a good story mixed with nostalgia is a great catalyst though. When you think of these films, they’re like snapshots of your past or a gateway to how you were feeling and who you were.

I remember when Jurassic Park was announced, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the film was hyped for over a year before its release. All that media hype, the toys, the articles, it meant that when the film arrived with all that built up - For a young child like myself the results have been fixed in my psyche forever.

That’s what I’m trying in some small way to get back to - with these Humble Gumball pieces.

By creating the artwork with an effect that pops out and follows you - I’m hoping each time you walk past, it can remind you of the time in your life when you first saw it.

...And you can re-live all of that excitement and wonder that you felt the first time, just by looking at the Humble Gumball on your wall.